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What Is Manual Handling?

Manual handling means more than just lifting or carrying something. The term 'manual handling' is used to describe a range of activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving, holding or restraining an object, animal or person.

It also covers activities which require the use of force or effort such as pulling a lever, or operating power tools.


Why Is Manual Handling A Problem?

Most of the reported accidents involving manual handling tasks cause back injury although hands arms and feet are also vulnerable. Sometimes the injured person never fully recovers or requires a long period of rehabilitation before they are able to work again.

Manual handling injuries are the biggest category of injury across all areas of industry and commerce which is why we offer customised and Nationally accredited Manual Handling Training courses.


How Can Easy HR Assist You Implement A Safe Workplace?

Part of every employer's or PCBUs responsibility to provide workers with a safe and healthy workplace involves the provision of training and information about safe working practices.

This might involve providing training and information on correct work methods, such as lifting techniques and the correct use of mechanical aids.

Supervisors, managers, health and safety representatives and staff responsible for work organisation and job and task design should also receive appropriate manual handling training.

Easy HR can assist you by conducting a Manual Handling training course at your workplace. Our trainers will travel throughout NSW.

Our manual handling trainers use a unique vertebral simulator to demonstrate spine and disc movements. These simulators have been sourced from overseas and are used so that Easy HR course participants are able to visually understand and view the physiology of the spine, as well as common manual handling injuries. The simulators allow course participants to feel and touch a simulation of the vertebra and discs. This facilitates more effective learning and recall.

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